Johnson to amend the license to operate Chelsea Football Club

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson‘s spokesman admits. That they are in discussions to amend the license to operate Chelsea Football Club so that football can continue to play illegally. After the ufabet team owner Roman Abramovich was punish with sanctions.

Due to the case of the British government announced that ‘ Xia Mee ‘ is one of 7 Russian businessmen. That was add to the blacklist Being subject to sanctions ( property control , transaction restrictions , entry restrictions, etc. ) until the team is unable to move at all except playing football.

However, there are certain laws which are unconstitutional to allow ‘ Blues ‘ to compete at all. Because it is still consider the property of the blacklisted person  

Therefore, the government will coordinate with the English Premier League. And Chelsea Football Club itself to amend the details of the license to operate the competition. Will have a smooth football activity without being penalize afterwards.

“ We have urgently contact the club and the English Premier League regarding all issues arising as a result of the sanctions – and now details regarding the acquisition of the property. According to the operating license. It is against the law, ” a government spokesman say.  

“ At the moment it depends on the club that needs to be convert. License to operate properly – I believe Chelsea will come out and accept to comply. And the government will work with the teams and the English Premier League to determine where the regulations need to be adjust. ” 

Incidentally, the act of revising the details A license to operate in addition to helping Chelsea compete illegally. It may lead to unlocking new contract offers for players , buying – selling business , selling season tickets , souvenirs. And limit the use of money during away games. Which at this time cannot be performed.