Neville defender Holding was playing wildly

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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has slammed Arsenal defender Rob Holding. After he was sent off in the first half of his team’s defeat at Spurs. 0-3 Premier League England on Monday night

         The defensive line “Cannon” got two yellow cards in 33 minutes from a foul on Son Heung-min, especially the second yellow stroke that was block by elbowing the South Korean national team. When the ufabet team was 0- 1 until the last one was demolish. Which Gary criticize Holding as being attack like a child.

         “What is he doing? What did he do? God bless,” said Gary. “I watched Son run and he (Holding) thrusted his elbow. It was protruding from his body. It was abnormal, reckless, unconscious.”

         “It’s crazy, Mikel Arteta has a big problem right now. The defenders gave him a big problem in the first 35 minutes of the game.”

         “We talked about Holding before this game, Son will attack him over and over again. Just like a kid, sometimes as a player you get emotional and do impulsive, mischievous things in his head.

Holding was the seventh Arsenal player to be sent off in a Premier League match against Tottenham, following Stefan Schwarz, Martin Keown, Freddie Ljungberg, Emmanuel Eboue, Francis Coquelin and Lucas Torreira.