Shevchenko described the devastation of the war at home

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Former Ukraine striker Andriy Shevchenko described the devastation of the war at home. Insisting that some families were still stranded in the country.

         Russia’s invasion of Ukraine wreak havoc that never seemed to end easily. With Shevchenko described the devastation cause by Russia’s war efforts and the dangers to her mother and sister. Own still in Ukraine ufabet.

         “There were many fights, my mother and sister gave shelter to some who had fled because they were in dire conditions. In Buga there is no food, no electricity. They are friends of my sister and have been living in the basement for five days,” said Shevchenko.

         “There were deadly bombings in that area, in Buga and the neighboring towns of Irpin and Hostomel, I know these cities where they were completely destroy. There are no buildings left. I went to Buga as a kid. It was really scary.”

         “Humanitarianism was destroy by Russian soldiers. If my mother and sister try to escape I think it would be more dangerous for them.”

The 45-year-old Shevchenko was most recently the head coach of Genoa, overseeing 11 matches in the Ligurian capital before he was dismissed back in January.

The former Ukraine coach led his nation to the quarter-finals of the European Championships last summer, where they suffered a 4-0 loss to England.