Zaha has been named the Premier League’s best scorer for February 2022

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Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha has been name the Premier League’s best scorer for February 2022 against Norwich City.

The league’s official website describes the ball as Zaha gets the ball on the left edge of the box. And then crosses it to the right foot. Then spins a 20 -yard arc, perfect weight, direction into the far post window.  

” It’s the best thing to have that door remembered, ” Zaha opened his mouth.  

“ It has to be a few yards away from the dovetail to make the trigger pull like that. And that way is the only way that goes through my head. ” 

“ There was a pre-execution assessment. Because the two splices were in the way. So we had to find a way to open a few yards of space where we could spin. ” 

This is the first time Wilfried has won this award. And the previous time was named Playerof the Month for April 2018.

Zaha is also the first Palace player to win the Goal of the Month award since the ufabet latest Dec. 2018 by Andros Townsend for a stunning volley against Manchester City. And it was also voted the top goal. Best of the 2018-19  season

Goalkeeper of the Month, English Premier League  

Season 2021-22 

Aug. : Danny Ings ( Aston Villa ) _ _

Sept .: Andros Townsend ( Everton )  _ _

Oct. K. : Mohamed Salah ( Liverpool )  _

Nov. : Rodri ( Man City )  _ _

Dec. : Alexandre Lacazette ( Arsenal )  _ _

Jan. : Mateo Kovacic ( Chelsea ) _ _

Feb. : Wilfried Zaha ( Crystal Palace )  _ _