Neuer sees Leverkusen playing like he did when Alonso was a player.

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Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer talks about Leverkusen The current league leader in Bundesliga says they play like they did when Xavier Alonso was still a player.

Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper and captain of Bayern Munich, talks about Leverkusen. The current Bundesliga leaders are playing the same style as when their trainer Xavier Alonso was a player. Before the two teams face each other this Saturday. 

Alonso’s Leverkusen are the only team unbeaten this season with 52 points from 20 games, top of the Bundesliga ahead of Bayern Munich. 2 points before Bayern Munich travel to the BiArena this Saturday. 

‘It’s like how Xavi played when he was a player,’ Neuer said. ‘He’s got an insight into how to pass the ball well. With lots of possession And he passed this on to his team.’

‘He’s a player who really enjoys being on the ball. And his team has characters like this. Where they want to get the ball and not chase it.’ 

Leverkusen recorded 25 wins and 4 draws from 29 games played in all competitions this season before Neuer, who played alongside Alonso for three seasons, spoke of his old friend as having helped change Leverkusen team.

‘He took over at a difficult time. And it still shows right away how things are. will be in the same direction’

‘You immediately notice that Xabi Alonso and Bayer Leverkusen are a great fit and that affects the players.’

If Leverkusen Winning this Saturday, Alonso’s team will increase their lead over Bayern Munich to 5 points with 13 games left to play. This means that Leverkusen team that was runner-up five times has a chance to win its first championship club as well. ทางเข้า ufabet

As for Bayern Munich, only two veterans, Neuer and Thomas Muller, have ever finished a season without winning the league. ‘We know success. And we need to keep this momentum going. To avoid the feeling of not being a champion That feeling is still embedded in me. And I don’t want to experience it again.’